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"Fincher's humor and wit are now available at his new blog, Scribble-in- Law, and are highly recommended."
Richard M. Georges

"A talented artist and keen observer of the legal and political scene."
Mary Whisner, Trial Ad

"The stuff on his site is a treat for anyone who works with the law"

Past Law Cartoon Projects by Charles Fincher
Allison Wilder Attorney
Wilder litigates with the best, while her mom wants to know if the guys are single and cute.
Rated G Go there

Motion Commotion
A set of 10 single-panel toons that plays off of motion practice in court created for a judicial fundraiser Rated LP Go there

The Bar Side
Fincher started this new collection of single-panel, legal cartoons during April, 2001. New ones are occasional.
Rated LP
Go there
Legal Isms Lexis-Nexis' Bob Bernard hired Fincher during 1999 to create these 10 comic strips about lawyers.
Rated LP
Go There.
Each cartoon collection has a rating. Some have mostly inside- law humor and are rated
LP: Law Personnel. Others target general readers and are rated
G: General Audience
Reuse of Cartoons
All materials on this site are protected by copyrights. To obtain permission to reuse any cartoon, E-mail Charles Fincher.
LINKS Lawyers Not Being Lawyers
Judge Gonzo
Judge Gonzo's bench is like Snoopy's odd doghouse -- He spends time in it watching TV when court bores him.
Rated G Go there
Single-Panel Toons
Sometimes you have to go back on the record. This is a collection of unrelated single-panel cartoons all published in various legal publications.
Rated LP Go there

This strip ran for five years in the ABA Journal during the early 1980s.
Rated LP Go there
Courthouse Square
Pass the witness Courthouse Square style. Get a ticket from Tiny the Sheriff. Flunk the physical if you're in shape.
Rated G
Go there
Thadeus & Weez The T&W site has Fincher's weekly political strip which runs in print and online newspapers.
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Background Upfront. LawComix is a collection of legal cartoons from projects by lawyer-cartoonist Charles Fincher. Fincher's work has run in over 100 law-related publications in the U.S., Canada and New Zealand. His political strip Thadeus & Weez runs in the opinion sections of eight daily print newspapers and three online papers. Allison Wilder and Judge Gonzo have not been published and are seen publicly for the first time here. Courthouse Square ran in a small legal publication, and Motion Commotion was done for a fund-raising auction. The rest have been published.
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The name "LawComix" and "Scribble-in-Law" are trademarks and servicemarks and are also copyrighted 2009 by Charles Pugsley Fincher. All illustrations and comic strips together with their titles, names and characters appearing on this site are copyrighted 2009 by Charles Pugsley Fincher and may not be reproduced or used without his permission. Copyright 2009 by Charles Pugsley Fincher.

Copyright 2006 by Charles Pugsley Fincher

Law Comix cartoonist Charles Fincher was commissioned to do the fantasy painting of constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky shown in the above ad.