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Case Runner Runs Threat

Bitcher Is Never Wrong Pics Trump Sanctions Tasting Her Legal Fees Cell Phone Cancer Case e-Discovery Software Blues

Big Law sets up in Brazil Associates with Clerkships Billing Auditor and Wine Tab Law Ruins Reading for Fun Motivation to Work

Coersive Rainmaking Prickman's Thanksgiving The Document Dump Produce or Sanitize Supreme Court Rainmaking

Prickman Prays for Riches Salmonella Lawsuit Elena Kagan Law Clerks Law Grads Low Salaries Smart Phones at Depositions

Ethics 101: Conflicts Mediation Mischief Lawyer Mom Returns to Law Cialis Sued Re: Female Doll Rainmaking Stevie Cohen

Baby Lawyer to Partner Prickman on Slapp Suits Associate Path to Partner Alternative Billing Fee-male Divorce Lawyer

Mother's Day Oil Spill Calling Judge Ex Parte Style Prickman's Pro Bono Partner Does Diveristy Quitting-Time Assignment

Bankruptcy Scam Happy Legal Commune Prickman's Burden Billing for Sleeping King's X on Partnership

Buying City Commissioner Talent For Disruption Accused of Overbilling Prickman's New Year's Suit Summing Up The Year

Prickman's Holiday Season B.C.S. Football Follies Tiger Woods Scandal Prickman's Thanksgiving Discovery Catch-22

Prickman on Depositions Vampire Extension Employee Management The Climb to Partnership Billing Increments

Tattoo Marked as Exhibit Asserting Partner Status Filing, Bribes and Roulette Fees & General Counsel Discovery Hide-And-Seek

Hourly Fees vs. Flat Fees Principled Buying People Law As A Commodity Hometowned? Local Counsel Changing Name to "Sir"

Recession Sacrifices Depo Causes Settlement Criticizing Associates Sotomayor Syllables Witness Outlines Script

Expensing Copies Michael Jackson Estate Associate Pay Cuts Campaign Contributions Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Appellate Questions Disovery Responses Praying for Bankruptcy Online Research Fees Swine Flu at the Office

Outsourcing Law Overseas The Federal Judge Crown Decision: Quit or Be Laid-Off Deferring New Associates Patriotic Mortgage Fraud

No Bailouts for Law Firms New Tort: Fear of Layoff Recession Silver Lining Working From Home Collaborative Law and Ms. B

Reluctant Rainmaker Exploring the Flat Fee Volunteer Lawyering Baby Lawyer ... No Mo' Settlement Agreement Fun

Sensitivity Training Happy Billing Year Santa Schadenfreude Hedge Fund Lawsuit Privileged Docs Disclosed

Ms. B. on her Thanksgiving Prickman Gets the Blahs Neurotic Real Estate Lawyer Mom's Celebrex Claim Mediator's Groundhog Day

The 0.10 Hour People Tough Times.= Salary Cuts Forced Freddie Mac Plaintiff Mediating the Mediator Settlement Games

Financial Market Crisis E-Mail Scams Lawyers Fairy Godmom & Patent Troll Avoiding Being Deequitized The Big Layoff Paranoia

Chinese Walls Whacked Happy Work Environment Naming Top Lawyers Signing Hierarchy Boredom Sanctions

Vacations & Settings The Bribes of Mississippi Partner's Yes-Man RainRobbers vs. RainMakers Recusal Sua Sponte

Magic-Time Billing Fairy Partnership Or Tossed Out Venue Fight, Judge, FBI MCLE Ethics Rocks Stealing the Credit for Work

The Unsent Memo Trick Ghost Of The All-Nighers Unethical Or Unrich Ramped Red Bull Billing Pre-Approval By Carrier

Protective Orders Happy Birthday Dear Client Billing: Little Train that Could Fee Kickbacks for Settling Associate Billable Hous

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Law Comix cartoonist Charles Fincher was commissioned to do the fantasy painting of constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky shown in the above ad.